Positions and Degrees

• Since 2004 President of the Scientific Committee of the Institute for the Development of Information Science (INFORAV)
• 2010 -2013 President of the General Assembly and of the Administrative Board of the COST Office Association (COA)
• 2004-2010 President of the Committee of “Senior Officials” of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)
• 2000-2010 Member of the COST Committee of “Senior Officials”
• 1998-2004 Chairman of the COST Scientific Committee “Telecommunications and Information Science”
• 1993-1995 Member of the Italian Commission for radio spectrum utilization and of the Committee for the protection from electromagnetic radiation at radio frequencies
• 1992-2000 Member of the Board of Directors of the “Ugo Bordoni” Foundation, Rome, Italy
• 1992-1994 President of the Commission for the introduction of television from satellite in Italy, Rome, Italy
• 1992 Chairman of the Symposium on “New Frontiers for the European COST in Telecommunications”, Rome, Italy
• 1990-1993 Member of the Scientific Committee on “Telecommunications”, International Union of Radio Science (URSI)
• 1987-1988 Chairman of the “European Microwave Conference”, Rome, Italy
• 1985-1990 Coordinator of the radio propagation experiments with the OLYMPUS and ITALSAT satellites
• 1985 -2000 Director of the “Ugo Bordoni” Foundation, Rome, Italy, to coordinate research activities in radiocommunications, optical communications, information security, multimedia communications and evolution of telecommunication systems
• 1981-1989 Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Commission on “Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing”, International Union of Radio Science (URSI)
• 1980-2000 Professor of “Radio Spectrum Utilization” at the Advanced Post-Graduate School University of Rome, Professor of “Radiocommunications” University of Bologna, Professor of "Radiopropagation" University of Rome "La Sapienza"
• 1980-2000 Member of the Higher Committee of Telecommunications, Rome, Italy
• 1978-1985 Chairman of the COST Action 205 “The Influence of the Atmosphere on Radiopropagation on Satellite-Earth Paths at Frequencies above 10 GHz”
• 1976-1979 Managerial Staff of the research project on “Air Traffic Control” of the Italian National Research Council
• 1976-1985 Head of the “Radiocommunications” Department, “Ugo Bordoni” Foundation, Rome, Italy
• 1971-1978 Chairman of the COST Action 25/4 “The Influence of Atmospheric Conditions on Electromagnetic Wave Propagation at Frequencies above 10 GHz”
• 1966-1976 Head of the “Antennas and Propagation Group”, “Ugo Bordoni” Foundation, Rome, Italy
• 1966 Chartered Engineer, Professional Engineers of the Province of Rome, Italy
• 1965-1966 Assistant Professor of “Electromagnetics”, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
• 1965 Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
• 1963-1965 Designer of advanced radar systems, R&D Department, Contraves Italiana, Rome. Italy
• 1963 Dr. Ing. degree “summa cum laude” in Electronic Engineering, University “La Sapienza”, Rome. Italy
• 1957 Diploma of “Maturità Classica” at the end of his studies in the “Humanities”, “Liceo Mamiani”, Rome, and “Nunziatella” Military School, Naples, Italy

Achievements and Awards

• Honorary Member of the Academia Europaea, 2009
• “Diplôme de reconnaissance” from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) “en témoignage de la contribution apportée aux travaux de l’Union Internationale des Telecommunications”, 1997
• “Diplôme d'honneur” from the International Radio Consultative Committee “for his outstanding contributions to the progress of Telecommunications”, 1989
• Author or co-author of more than 150 scientific papers on radiopropagation, radiometeorology and communication systems, 1963 - 2012
• Author of the “Radar” chapter of the Mondadori “Enciclopedia dell’Ingegneria”, 1971
• “Guglielmo Marconi” prize for his research on rain-induced cross polarization of e.waves, 1982
• His method for the design of millimeter waves terrestrial and Earth - space radiocommunications systems is recommended by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and adopted worldwide, 1981
• “Ottavio Bonazzi” prize for his studies on attenuation of e.m. waves due to rain, 1980
• The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recommends the propagation curves based on his theoretical and experimental results for the planning of UHF broadcasting systems in the Mediterranean area, 1972
• Fulbright Scholarship, 1965-1966
• Member of the Rotary Club “Rome West”, 1983
• President of the Rotary Club “Rome West”, 1996-1997
• President of the “Lazio” Association Military School “Nunziatella”, 1993-2001
• President of the Association of Engineers, University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy 1991-1992
• Member of the Italian Electrotechnical Association, 1963
• Member of the Board of Directors, “Gugliemo Marconi” Foundation, Bologna, Italy, 1991-1995
• Member of the Scientific Committee, International Institute of Communications, Genoa, Italy, 1991 -1995


University of Notre Dame